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Situated on Shanzu Beach, the most northerly portion of the coast between Mombasa and Mtwapa Creek, the hotel looks out over the waters of the Mombasa Marine National Park, a 200-square kilometre National Marine Reserve. Featuring a well-developed coral barrier reef, the park is visited by dolphin and turtles and plays host to 250 marine species to include crabs, butterfly fish, parrotfish, sea urchins, cowries, moray eel, lionfish, starfish and sergeant major fish.
Much of the Kenyan coastline has evolved over the last 30 million years and offers a fascinating selection of cliffs, stacks and rock pool platforms. At low tide, the coral-sand beach also reveals extensive areas of channels that harbour a broad selection of marine creatures and shells. The coastal vegetation is made up of microscopic marine plants, extensive mangrove swamps, luxuriant palm groves and areas of Casuarina woodland. The coastline also provides valuable nesting sites for seven species of endangered migratory sea turtles whilst the coastal grasslands and mangrove swamps are a haven for a spectacular bird life, unique members of which include; bee-eaters, greenshank, stint, egret and spoonbills

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