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Hotel Description

The Hotel offers an alternative to the concrete hotel, more of a rustic Robinson Crusoe
experience. Working closely with the local community and using only local methods of
construction and local materials to create a laid back, eco-friendly, alternative style holiday.
There are six small beach huts called bandas, traditionally designed with high windows. The five
double bandas have a double bed downstairs and a single bed mounted in the roof, each has a
front porch, shower, sink and flush toilet. All bandas are provided with sheets, mosquito nets and
Each has a mains plug with a British socket and all have electric lighting in the evening. The
room boy, Kombo, cleans daily and a laundry service is available. The floors and walls are made
our of star palm, which is woven locally, the roofs are a thatch of coconut palm. There is no fresh
water on Manda Island so they re-use the water from the sinks and showers to water the garden.
The sixth banda is larger and divided into two so sleeps between 3 and 6.

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